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Arnold Schwarzenegger Series

Arnold Schwarzenegger Series

Supplement Edge is proud to offer you the Arnold Schwarzenegger Series. While many of us know Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator, he is also an iconic bodybuilder and has partnered up with MusclePharm to create his own line of supplements. This is an exclusive series that represent his lifelong personal commitment to fitness. Who better to get you in shape, than Arnold himself?

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Starting in 2013, Arnold Schwarzenegger supplements hit retailers and started his fitness revolution. His products are proudly known as revolutionary, safe, and most importantly, effective. So consumers can be happy knowing that instead of just endorsing this line of supplements, he has played an active role in the development of the supplements as well. The Arnold Schwarzenegger Series focuses on the four fitness pillars, which are performance, power and strength, nutrient support, and recovery. These four areas encompass the main areas of health and fitness, all the way to recovery after an injury, or after a strenuous workout.

Arnold has been promoting fitness for decades and served as chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. Health and fitness have been a core of his entire life and career, and he wants to share his passion with others. He also hopes to lead others to better, healthier lifestyles with the help of his Series. All of the products go through a six-step research process to ensure they are effective, and more importantly, safe for consumers. MusclePharm is proud to put all of its supplements through this research process to ensure consumer safety and health.

If you have any questions about the Arnold Schwarzenegger supplements, please feel free to contact us. We carry a large selection from the Series to meet your supplement needs. You’ll be able to find whatever you are looking for to help you meet your health and fitness goals.