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Advanced Muscle Science

Advanced Muscle Science

Do you want to take your high-intensity workouts to the next level, but ensure you don't harm your health? Supplement Edge and the experts at Advanced Muscle Science want the same thing. That's why their team of engineers developed a high-grade prohormone therapy that dissolves fast and produces maximum gains without damaging your liver or compromising your long-term health. With their unique patented prohormone technology and built-in nutrients, advanced muscle science products are a truly powerful blend of high-performing testosterone, vitamins, and minerals.

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There are a lot of prohormone supplements on the market, so what makes Advanced Muscle Science stand out above the rest? For starters, this unique supplement brand utilizes a powerful blend of natural ingredients along with their patented F-Melt technology. With the help of their specially designed F-Melt disintegrant, you can enjoy quicker and healthier absorption of your prohormones and nutrients. Advance muscle science products like the Andro RDe also features their patented Rapid Dissolve Effervescent technology or RDE. RDE works to ensure that the supplement's active compounds are reaching their target locations in your body.

To ensure the healthiest prohormone treatment, advanced muscle science prohormone supplements are best taken with a daily caloric intake of at least 2,000 calories, so make sure to beef up your current diet with healthy fats, proteins, whey, and calcium from fruits and vegetables. There are also hearty energy shakes packed with the calories needed to burn energy and build lean mass. Fortunately, the Andro RDe features a special Effervescent Absorption Matrix to ensure that your body is also safely absorbing and processing all these powerful vitamins, nutrients, and testosterone boosters too.

There's no time like the present to start realizing that ideal physique. Think you're ready for a prohormone approach to building a better body? It's a great way to build and maintain your hard-earned gains during high-intensity workouts, but don't compromise your long-term health with the wrong prohormone supplements. Go for quality, and look to the experts at Advanced Muscle Science for the latest in patented prohormone technology and supplements.